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New Old Stock

Pistons :-

Mitsubish 4G52 84mm +0.75

Toyota 4M 2600 +0.75mm

Commer 3.1785" bore 4 cylinder set

Land rover 2.25 Diesel +1.00mm 2 only

Bearings :-

Ford 390 V8 mains - 0.010

Chev 400 mains std

Toyota 3B cam bearings

Holden 13-202 6B2380 conrod bearings -0.040

Holden 138-202 6B2381 conrod bearings -0.010

Vauxhall Viva 4B5120 -010 conrod bearings

Suzuki G13A conrod bearings 4B8336 std

Toyota 2L early conrod bearings -0.020

Nissan L series conrod bearings -0.010 & -0.020"

Nissan L20 main bearings -0.25mm

Ford 3L V6 cam bearings

Mazda FE main bearings 5M8134 -0.25mm

Daihatsu conrod bearings 4B1351 - 0.50mm

Mazda MA main berings 5M1627 -0.020



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