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Clean:- There is no substitute for cleanliness> A human hair is about 60 microns in diameter; bearing clearances are often less than this; it does not take a rocket scientist to figure out the a small piece of swarf or dirt will do damage if it gets between 2 moving parts.

Condoms:-Did you know there is a speacial version to stop you banging up your newly reground crankshaft? We often got complaints that the crank grinder had made a burr on a crankshaft and this had damaged the bearings; wrong; crankgrinders remove burrs. If you looked closely tou could see an imprint of threads from the conrod bolts; no matter how careful you are eventually you will hit the crank. The answer? We supply these with every reground crank.

Piston ring back clearance:- Here's a simple check that can save you from an expensive failure. Generally rings should not protrude from the ring lands when they are pushed to the back of the ring groove (rings with a wavy spring behind them are one exception). If the ring protrudes they may be pushed hard onto the cylinder wall when the piston expands causing oil burning and scored cylinders; damaged pistons ect. Always check back clearance; never trust anybody. Follow manufacturers recoomendations if in doubt.

Just send it your engine to us:- Save your self the hassle; we can handle your assembly work for you.


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