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Do you enjoy a challenge? Do you love engines? If yes then here is an opportunity for you.
Job Description for Automotive Machinist.
Duties include:- Machining and repair of engine and related automotive components eg. Reboring & honing of engine blocks, resurfacing of cylinder heads, blocks & manifolds, grinding flywheels, remachining conrods, reconditioning cylinder heads, dismantling, cleaning & reassembly of engines, other related operations.
Operations exclusive to DG Engine Services:- replating & diamond honing of nickel/silicon carbide coated cylinders.
Maintenance of workshop plant & equipment.
Maintaining a clean, tidy & safe working environment.
You will need to have tidy work habits, be punctual, have reasonable computer skills, be willing to learn and work as a team member.
Interested? Give us a call or email for further details.


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