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Cylinder heads new or reconditioned. Please call or email for current pricing & availability.

Reconditioned heads - scroll down for new heads

Ford 289 W 1 bare

Honda ZC

Mazda E3

Mazda SL

Mitsubishi 4G63 SOHC 8V

Nissan CA20

Toyota 2CT

Toyota 2L roller rocker type

Toyota 3AU

New Heads

Nissan KA24
BMW M50/M52 Nissan NA20
Daihatsu DL Nissan QD32
Chev SB Vortec Nissan H20
Ford Falcon EA/EB Nissan SD23/25
Ford Transit D25T Nissan SR20
Hyundai 4D56 B Nissan TB42
Hyundai 4D56 A Nissan TD25
Isuzu 4EE1 Nissan TD27/T 20mm injectors
Isuzu 4JB1 Nissan TD27/T 24mm injectors
Isuzu 4HF1/4HG1 Nissan TD42/T
Isuzu 4JG2 (inlet valve 40.10mm) Nissan Z20
Isuzu 4JG2 (inlet valve 42.10mm) Nissan Z24 4 sparkplug
Isuzu 4JX1 (without injector sleeves) Nissan Z24 8 sparkplug
Isuzu 4ZE1 (electric fuel pump) Nissan ZD30 DDTi (VC1)
Isuzu 4ZE1 (mechanical fuel pump) Nissan YD25 DDTi
Kubota V2203 (without pre coms, seats and guides need finishing) Suzuki F8A
Mitsubishi 4BD1T Suzuki F10A
Mitsuishi 4BD2T Suzuki G13B
Mitsuishi 4D30 (water rail on side) Suzuki G16A
Mitsubishi 4D30A (front thermostat) Toyota 14B
Mitsubishi 4D56 A (protruding valves) Toyota 1FZ-FE
Mitsubishi 4D56 B (recessed valves, rectangular precom port) Toyota 1HZ
Mitsubishi 4D56 B (recessed valves,1/2 round precom port) Toyota 1KZTE LV (valve length 104mm)
Mitsubishi 4G54 FWD Toyota 1KZTE SV (valve length 103.5mm)
Mitsubishi 4G54 RWD Toyota 1KD-FTV
Mitsubishi 4G63 8 valve Toyota 1RZ
Mitsubishi 4G64 16 valve Toyota 1Y
Mistubishi 4G64 8 valve Toyota 15B
Mitsubishi 4M40 Toyota 2AZ
Mitsubishi 4M40T Toyota 22R
Mitsubishi 4M41 Toyota 2C
Mitsubishi 4M42 Toyota 2H
Mitsubishi 6G72 Toyota 2L roller rocker type
Mazda FE/F8 8 valve Toyota 2L bucket & shim tappet
Mazda G6 Toyota 2RZ
Mazda R2 type 1 Toyota 2Y
Mazda R2 type 2 Toyota 2E
Mazda/Suzuki RF 20mm injectors Toyota 3B- new (bolts around outside of rocker cover)
Mazda/Suzuki RF 24 mm injectors & wate pipe support Toyota 3B - old (bolts in centre of rocker cover)
Mazda/Suzuki RF 24mm injectors Toyota 3CT
Mazda SL/SLT Toyota 3L
Mazda/Ford WL/WLT Toyota 3RZ
Nissan SD22 Toyota 3VZ E L 12 valve
  Toyota 3VZ E R 12 valve
  Toyota 3Y
  Toyota 4JA1
  Toyota 5L
  Toyota B new (bolts around outside of rocker cover)
  Toyota B old ( bolts in centre of rocker cover)
  Toyota H



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