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We can provide all the machining requirements for your classic engine rebuild.

Remetalling of bearings, resleeving & reboring of cylinders, lineboring, resizing conrods, balancing, crankshaft grinding, camshaft grinding, valve & seat refacing,

inserting of valve seats, crack repair, water jacket de-scaling, engine assembly.


remetalled conrod

Ford Model T conrods, from left to right, worn conrod, freshly poured, finished conrod.

EMF, these cars were built 1909-1912. We have modified a set of rods to take BMC 1275 bearings, 2 pairs of shells per conrod and fitted bushes to suit a set of pistons that are being made.

EMF conrod big endEMF small endEMF bush

Big end tunnel bored and ground. Small end bored (right) and finish honed (left) Bush fitted and honed to suit gudgeon pin

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